The Joy of Sharing.

For the past three years, I've spoken at various speaking events around Indonesia in partnership with educational and private institution, leaving delighted and energized audiences in my wake. I speak primarily on the topics of software engineering, career development, youth-leadership, and internships – inspiring my audience to think differently, as well as leaving them with practical items to do so.

Places I've talked on:

Some of the topics I talk about:

  • Acing your interview
  • Making the most out of your internships
  • Fantastic engineers and where to find them
  • Achieving product hyperscale as a student
  • ... and more!
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Places that have trusted me to share:

  • Shipping Tokopedia' First Flutter App, Tokopedia
  • Exponential Leadership, Open House of Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia
  • Tokopedia DevCamp Alumni Sharing Session, Tokopedia
  • The Epitome of Hyperscale, Executive Student Body, University of Indonesia
  • Why Information Systems as a Major?, Pahamify
  • Information Systems Major in University of Indonesia , DuniaUI
  • Build your software engineering career like no others.,Telkom University
  • Decentralize Finance to Democratize Indonesian Financial Ecosystem, University of Indonesia
  • A Gentle Introduction to Flutter, Google Developer Student Clubs, University of Indonesia

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